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Friday, October 10, 2014

Home, Sweet Home

This week has been absolutely crazy. After one year, three months, and 22 days, Aaron and I finally got the keys to our own little nest. Long story made short: We got married, we moved to California for Law School, we could not afford California rent right away so we rented a room from an old lady. It's been a blast - certainly not a typical way to spend your first year married, right? But after I landed an incredible job, we finally felt it was a good time to move in to our own place. So we did. It's not the fanciest of apartments in Woodland Hills, but it's ours, and the property management has done an incredible of maintaining and updating the apartment complex.

As we've been moving this week (hopefully the last of moving is done tomorrow), I haven't been able - or even really wanted - to take the time to make food and take pictures. But you can certainly expect a mini tour in the coming weeks of our adventures in creating our own home, followed by more attempts to be more creative in our new kitchen.

Shout out to my wonderful hubby who, throughout this week has not only made many trips moving boxes from our old place to our new one, but also found the time to treat me (with a beautiful dress, below), and manage to still get all his law books read (even it it meant he got to bed at 1:00 a.m.). My love, you are the man of my dreams and the light in my life. If I may coin a phrase from the Barefoot Contessa, 
"My home is wherever Aaron is."

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